Short-fiction writer, blogger, small-fry filmmaker.

Hello. I'm Mark Welker, a short fiction writer and small fry filmmaker based in Melbourne. Welcome to my blogfolio, a place where you can read, listen and watch the products of my overactive imagination.

Self help fatigue

According to the internet of things, the key to getting motivated, productive, happy, creative,...

New post apocalyptic papers

For those traumatised by some previous apocalyptic event, take solace in the fact that I have updated my...


Next month I’ll be hosting part of the Digital Masterclass on storytelling through video at this...

A Funeral for Eddie Moon

Preparations for a funeral ignites tension in a small seaside town.

Without Country

Two men wait in the shallows of a new country, unable to cross the last yards to shore.

City of Birds

A man searches for his lost son in a drowned post-apocalyptic landscape.