Short-fiction writer, filmmaker, man who watches trains go by

Hello. I'm Mark Welker, a short fiction writer and filmmaker based in Melbourne. Welcome to my blogfolio, a place where you can read, listen and watch the products of my overactive imagination.

Interstellar in IMAX reminds us what it means to be human

A scene opening the second act of Interstellar finds the Matthew McConaughey-led team of deep space...

The road to Premiere

This week I have been re-acquainting myself with Adobe Premiere.

An inspired list

My five most frequent stops for daily inspiration and perspective.

A Funeral for Eddie Moon

Preparations for a funeral ignites tension in a small seaside town.

Without Country

Two men wait in the shallows of a new country, unable to cross the last yards to shore.


When a shopping centre is dying, its patronage slipping away, its referred to as a greyfield.