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Hello. I'm Mark Welker, a short fiction writer and small fry filmmaker based in Melbourne. Welcome to my blogfolio, a place where you can read, listen and watch the products of my overactive imagination.

Ursula Le Guin on war as metaphor in fantasy fiction

How refreshing it is to read a fantasy novel that isn't filled with battlefield porn and white guys...

10 Ways to Fill A Journal

This year I set myself a challenge to reflect more on the everyday through daily journal entries.

Moleskine Roller Pen Review: A pen for people who don't write much

Ever since I can remember I have had a thing for pens.

A Funeral for Eddie Moon

Preparations for a funeral ignites tension in a small seaside town.

Without Country

Two men wait in the shallows of a new country, unable to cross the last yards to shore.

City of Birds

A man searches for his lost son in a drowned post-apocalyptic landscape.