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Embracing Stellar

It is difficult to believe that there still exists gaps within the quagmire of online social and content networks. Gaps wide enough to sustain yet another network. And yet, there is

What may eventually make Stellar – a baby in social network terms having launched in 2011 – take off is that it actually sets out to do very little.

Stellar takes your favourites from Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube and Flickr and populates a personal ‘flow’ for others to follow. Whilst there are plenty of apps and networks that allow you to disseminate outwards, Stellar is one of the few inwardly focused networks.

Rather than invade your every waking moment with stream of conscious like updates, Stellar – as it exists today anyway – helps to distill that flow and highlight only the most interesting things in a very low volume way.

Here’s how creator Jason Kottke describes where Stellar fits in:

People favorite things on all sorts of services across the web and the services don’t really do anything with them. They take the stuff that people love the most and ignore it. If it works correctly, Stellar should give people a good view of the things their friends like best from around the web. So yeah, Stellar is like Favrd, but for more than just Twitter. It’s kinda like Friendfeed, but just for favorites. It’s designed to show you the

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Hard to Think About Anything Else

The poster is designed by James White, with all proceeds to the Japan disaster relief effort. Stocks are sold out at the moment, but the sentiment remains the same. There are plenty of other ways to help.… Read more

gone to japan


I’m off renewing my neon tan in Japan for a little while, so apologies if I don’t reply to comments as quickly as usual.

Of course, it won’t be lack of access that will stands in my way - even our little snowbound cabin here in Hakuba has a fibre optic connection – but if today’s snowboarding experience (think ‘snowfalling‘) is anything to go by, I’ll be spending a fair bit of time flat on my back.

Until my spine recovers from its amnesia (it’s moved in strange new directions) and slips back into its groove, I’ll just say that Tokyo (where we landed) is every bit as manic and exciting as you’d expect it to be.

The experience of coming out of Shibuya station, where 3 million Japanese pass through each day, is a strange and bewildering experience. The definition of human inertia.… Read more

#coffeebreak: sherbrooke

Today’s coffee break writing challenge. Free write for 10 minutes in response to the below image. Share an excerpt of the results in the comments at the bottom.

sherbrooke, originally uploaded by uwajedi.

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how to make a good movie adaptation

Some tips for future producers on how to make a good movie adaptation. Cormac Mcarthy’s The Road vs Michel Houllebecq’s The Possibility of an Island.

  • The Road: Studio funds project.
  • The Possibility of an Island: Author funds project.
  • The Road: Studio hire’s independent director with track record of gritty films.
  • The Possibility of an Island:  Author hire’s himself as director.
  • The Road: Director turns up for premiere press conference.
  • The Possibility of an Island: Director/Author cancels his own press conference and refuses to introduce film.


The critics say of The Road:

“This expertly crafted ‘road movie’ does provide, thanks to the director’s brave commitment to realism, a poetic and intentionally devastating emotional viewing experience.”

The critics say of The Possibility of an Island:

“This film is of a quite exemplary tedium,” declared the Corriere della Sera’s critic, Maurizio Porro. “It is not the slightest bit involving … and is sadly lacking not only in substance but also in basic narrative structure. [It is] hard to make poetry out of confusion.”

Though you would never guess from the trailer…

Compared to The Road:

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21 of 26


I set myself a challenge to read 26 books in 2009, one every fortnight. This is the 22nd. Just four books to go with just under four weeks left in the year. Very doable.… Read more

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