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Ideas for short stories: June 24

Whether you’re stuck somewhere in the middle of a story or stalled at the start, keeping your creative soup constantly on the boil can make the difference between giving in and finishing.

These posts are about bubbling forth some of the best and most unusual ideas for short stories from the always steaming bowl of internet soup.

So without further introduction (or needless metaphor), here are the best ideas for short stories trawled from around the web in the last month:

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Ideas for short stories: May 23

A fresh crop of ideas for short stories for the fortnight ending May 23. If any of these prove useful, please let me know by dropping a comment below.

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Ideas for short stories: May 8

Looking for some creative boost juice to kick your week into gear? Here are this week’s best ideas for short stories, plucked from the depths of the net, hand sorted, free for the picking.

This week’s selection canvases a pretty a pretty sizeable chunk of the globe, from environmental desertification in China to abandoned amusement parks in America. There should be enough ideas for short stories here to keep your right side humming for quite a while.

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Ideas for short stories: April 15

Stuck for ideas for short stories? Or just looking for some literary perk? Each fortnight I trawl the interweb to present a hand picked selection of story starters and writing laxatives for you to sling around.

Ideas for short stories can arrive in all sorts of forms, and whether you are writing hard sci-fi or children’s fiction, real life can be a consistently forgiving muse. Hence each of the ideas below comes from articles of interest around the web.

They may blow your mind, they may only blow a small part of your mind (or maybe just your little toe), but with any luck one will become a catalyst for a deeper, bigger (or smaller), better idea that’s perfect for you.

So here are this week’s best ideas for short stories…

Ideas for short stories: April 1

Fresh ideas for April Fools day writing:

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Ideas for Short Stories: March 18

Apologies for my impromptu break from this series last week, I was temporarily indisposed. This week there is probably no greater story starter than the situation in Japan.

To clarify that statement: I don’t want to trivualise what I’m sure, for many people, has been and still is a harrowing experience. Instead I am merely highlighting that in the aftermath of terrible events, history has proven the worth of fiction in providing a voice  to the dispossessed and a vehicle through with traumatic experience can be worked through, when the recounting of facts alone does not suffice.

I hope that explains why in this list I have included a few ideas/prompts from the unfolding tragedy in Japan.  I mean no disrespect for those still dealing with the situation.

best of the week: march 5

A selection of the best story ideas for the week ending March 5th.

I think my favourite is the 1km truck jam. A guy says that he’s been stuck in the jam for three days, and his only complaint is that he’s becoming ‘impatient’. A story to be told right there.

As always, please feel free to drop any of your own ideas in the comments below. And let me know if you use any of the ideas, would be great to hear about the results.… Read more

best of the week: february 25

Apologies for the brief hiatus, but one does need to go on holiday every now and then. Here’s a selection of the web’s most interesting ideas over the last few weeks:

As always, if you have any good story starters that you’d like to offer up, drop them in the comments.… Read more

best of the week: february 4

This week a change of tact as we focus on crime related story starters. The result is a fairly bleak set of ‘ideas’ (if you could call it that) which I put forward without any pre-text of what sort of stories/articles might come out. I just want to just that by posting these links I am by no means condoning or making light of the serious topics they cover, they are simply what they are.

Without further introduction, here are some of the more interesting crime genre ideas trawled from the web this week.

Did I miss any? Post your own ideas in the comments below.… Read more

best of the week: january 28

As promised, here are some of the most cracking story ideas picked up around the web this week:

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