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Snow in Kyoto

And so we come to the seventh coffee. Rocketing along now. This one from the quaint streets of Kyoto – snow falling on the Ginkakuji and Kinkaku temples.

This holiday presented a rare chance for my fiancée and I to travel with one half of my family. These days catching up with my family in person doesn’t happen so much, particularly as we now occupy several different states and countries. Hence it was such a memorable experience to hang out, be ski-bums and walk Japan with my two sisters and brother.

I also don’t get a lot of chances to see snow, let alone capture it on film. I’m constantly amazed at how easily the Canon 5d Mk2 faithfully captures the extraordinary. This camera really has changed my life, or at least, how I capture, edit and present my life.

Anyway, this one’s short and sweet. Enjoy. For more coffees, visit http://100cupscoffee.comRead more

the fourth coffee

I have to admit it’s been quite a task keeping up with my 100 cups of coffee challenge. With just four coffees completed so far, I’m woefully behind schedule, but enjoying the challenge nonetheless.

The fourth coffee is the coldest one yet, the product of a recent trip to Japan to try snowboarding. To capture the experience I took along a GoPRO HD camera which is small and durable enough to strap to just about any part of your body, providing the chance to view things from a truly unique perspective.

This coffee was taken on the mountains of Hakuba, a small village about 4 hours by train from Tokyo. It was an incredible experience; the thrill of snowboarding is a difficult feeling to shake from your veins, and having the chance to learn in some of the most perfect snow conditions in the world, was a hard prospect to pass up.

Ensure you watch right to the bone crunching end. For more coffees, head to 100cupscoffee.comRead more

it’s good to be back


One thing the Japanese aren’t famous for is great coffee. Though I sampled a few that came close to drinkable, I never found a brew that came close to the quality that Melbourne baristas serve up day in day out.

So it was with great pleasure that I reconfirmed my love pact with Market Lane this weekend.

Though I’m quite sure the guys in charge at Market Lane are from outer space, I’m more than happy to turn a blind eye to their plan 9 invasion, for the opportunity to take part in their homage to perfect coffee.… Read more

The White House

It’s been a while coming, but this weekend I finished my third coffee and below is the results. The house featured is not my own (unfortunately), it is instead, a boutique bed and breakfast just outside of Melbourne called The White House, in Daylesford.

Before moving to Melbourne I had long admired Empire Vintage’s magnificent early century miner’s cottage, set in the leafy heart of Daylesford, and so I was particularly impressed when my partner surprised me with a two night visit for my birthday in December. The White House is a truly inspiring place to stay, the kind of house that feels all at once immaculately curated and infinitely inviting.

Having experienced many rooms in my life, I can say that there is a subtle but jarring difference between a house designed and furnished for the purposes of containing and nurturing people, and one that would look better (and cleaner) without you in it. I can say with certainty that The White House is a place designed for people enjoy and recharge, with everything required for relaxing catered for – from the generous give in every cushion to the expertly stocked reading room.

Hope this vid does it … Read more

melbourne street art

It's been a little while between brews, but I've finally put together my latest 'cup of coffee' video for This one is a homage to Melbourne street art, the viewing of which is an experience in of itself.

I was initially led down Melbourne’s laneways for this project by the very clever folks at who this year are hosting a unique audio-assisted walking tour of some of Melbourne’s most recognised laneways. From the website:

Imagine standing in a laneway. A laneway that you’ve never explored or one that you’ve walked down hundreds of times before, and from your mobile phone, an author reads you a unique story set in the very place that you’re standing.

It’s a clever concept – the brainchild of Matt Blackwood – and standing behind it are Melbourne literary staples including Barry Dickins, Cate Kennedy and Tony Birch. For iphone users there is an app for the laneway experience (of course!) and for those not in the city of literature (it has a ring to it no?) you can download and listen to the stories on the MyStory website.

Enjoy. Oh and try and spot the coffee in this one.… Read more

a week at varuna

This short introduces a new treatment for the crop of videos I’ve been cultivating over the last couple of years. Lately I’ve been feeling the need to create a seperate place to indulge my video fettish free of the literary stuff. So with no better ideas, I created a new blog: One hundred cups of coffee

The premise is pretty simple; a video blog to document my attempts to be more creative, more often through one hundred coffees in one hundred different places – each a catalyst for doing, creating and experiencing something new. is a place for me to hone my video skills while keeping focused on the prime objective: creativity. So if you’re into video (not that kind of video), take a look, and let me know what you think (over there, not here).

And while I have you, here’s 9 things (I couldn’t find the 10th) I learnt about myself while writing at Varuna.

1. Every first draft feels just as hard as the last.

My first draft of the story I worked on at Varuna sounded absolutely terrible; it took three complete re-writes for the ‘truth’ or purpose of the story to become … Read more

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