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Searching for Miss Peregrine

Los Angeles based writer and filmmaker Ransom Riggs recently released his debut fiction novel Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children employing a unique take on the idea of a book trailer.

Riggs, an occasional book trailer maker, actually made two trailers (one is above) to mark the book’s publication; the first a more conventional trailer with actors; and the second a short ‘making of’ featurette for the book trailer, in which Riggs has expertly documented travelling to Belgium to hook up with a photographer he’d never met, to sneak into abandoned houses he didn’t have permission to be in.

The result is a unique insight into the journey required to bring the trailer, and to an extent the mythology of the book itself, to life. It’s a companion piece for Riggs’ book, providing readers a way to share the author’s obsession with empty locations – all of which are captured beautifully on film.

It’s quite a feat, and not one to easily be replicated.… Read more

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

The once clear lines between games, books and movies has never been more hazy. This stunning glimpse of the not-too-distant ebook future from Moonbot Studios.

I’d love to see adult titles in this kind of format, and can only imagine the potential future for “small screen” comic book adaptations. Is it really a book though? I’m not sure, but it’s certainly exciting.… Read more

World’s first 3D book trailer

That's probably the last time you'll see the words "world's first" and "book trailer" appear together until the day that books are imprinted directly onto our retinas, so I'm going to absolutely milk this.

Yes, you heard it here first, and maybe also saw it in a few other places, but arguably if you didn’t happen to see this story anywhere else, then this is absolutely an exclusive.

No, the world’s first 3D book trailer didn’t come out of some cocaine dusted Hollywood backlot, it came from the very clever, and quite charming, Paul Murphy of Sydney outfit Book Tease – who just happen to be leading the way in book trailers at the moment.

And just to prove this is, in fact, a scoop (a late scoop is still a scoop), I asked Paul how the world’s first 3D book trailer came about:

“As with most good ideas, the one to do a 3D book trailer was a complete coincidence. One day I was sitting at my computer thinking about the 3D trend in Hollywood, when it occurred to me I had the tools to create 3D right in front of me. All I needed was two cameras – in this case, two virtual cameras – shifted a slight distance apart. When I looked into it a bit further, I was amazed to discover that YouTube now supports 3D video – so I … Read more

Where good ideas come from

Do book trailers need to be less than a minute? Doesn’t seem so. Here’s a great video promoting Stephen Johnson’s book Where Good Ideas Come From.

Some good tips for those waiting around for an idea to create itself.… Read more

insight book trailer

The trailer for Diana Greenwood’s book Insight arrived in my Vimeo list a few weeks ago and I have watched it at least a dozen times since.

Although not likely to get on my must read list for 2011, the trailer is very nice – the best so far this year. The trailer was produced by Mike Heath of Magnus Creative and is probably the closest thing to a “visual blurb” I have seen for a while – a technique well suited to genre stories driven by a strong plot/premise.

Let me know your thoughts.… Read more

4-hour body book trailer

I’m not a huge fan of this guy’s work (ie outsource your crap day job to someone in the third world prepared to do it cheaper), but the book trailer to Timothy Ferriss’ new release The Four Hour Body is undeniably slick.

Not exactly my demographic, but I think this book trailer would definitely hit the mark for all those time poor desk jockeys looking for the ultimate quick fix health kick.

There’s been some discussion of late over whether a book trailer unmasks too much of the hidden allure of a book; creating too many overt visual cues for what should be a more personal imagination based interpretation.

Would love to know whether you think anything has been left in the basket for Ferriss’s work (which is non-fiction by the way). Does it appeal, or would you prefer to see the movie now than read the book?

Read more

how I learned to stop worrying and love book trailers

The book trailer for Mo Hayder's novel Gone is one of my all time favourites. In fact, I liked it so much I put it on my last book trailer roundup. The man behind the production is Paul Murphy, from one-man Sydney outfit Book Tease.

It turns out Paul’s obsession with book trailers started way before mine, BY in fact (Before Youtube). I recently had the chance to pick his brain on how to make a book trailer and the past, present and future of the short format industry.

How did you get into making book trailers?

[PM] There’s something oddly circular about how it all happened. About eight years ago, I was working in the marketing department of a large Australian publisher, and one of my responsibilities was managing “book videos” (as I think we were calling them at the time).

It was a pretty doomed project – there was no Youtube or Facebook, and we’d have to convince bookstores to install these giant old TVs just so they could play them (of course, almost every bookstore has an LCD screen in their front window nowadays). But it did give me an insight into the potential of the form.

I could have filmed the Gone trailer as a straightforward film trailer, but it wouldn’t have had the same impact. To be watching these grainy figures from far away, and listening to this crackly audio, your mind still has to piece it together as you

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#video: best book trailers

There is no greater literary gap at the moment than the aching crevasse separating the potential and reality of video book trailers.

Sadly, in much the same way that the proliferation of ebooks will probably result in a general unbalancing of quality vs quantity, the ease of which people can ‘make movies’ at home is thus helping to deliver some bona fide coma-quality book promotion videos.

So to help deliver some perspective on where things should be going for book trailers, here in no particular order, I present my picks for best book trailers thus far:

Going West by Maurice Gee

Leviathan by Scott Westerfield

Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow

Your Fate Hurtles Down at You by Jim Shephard

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

Gone by Mo Hayder – via @williamkostakis

Any other top picks from my readers?

Sources: more

best book promo ever

If only us Aussies got as excited about books as the Kiwis. An impressive promo for the New Zealand Book Council. Certainly makes me wanna go read a book!

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best book trailer of 2009

I’ve been completely obsessed of late with book trailers.  While there is a lot of really low grade, unispiring trailers out there on youtube at the moment, I think when they are done right, book trailers can really get you excited about reading a book.

I think we are going to see more and more of these in the future and in my mind, the idea is well overdue. Music artists have long turned to video to support their audio art and engage listeners on a new level.

While I don’t imagine every author gets a hell of a lot of say in what a book trailer comes out like, the example below suggests it is very possible for a book trailer to bring to support the author’s imagination and vision without coming across as an overt ad spot.

I think it’s one of the best book trailers of 2009. It’s for Scott Westerfeld’s new novel Leviathan.Read more

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