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Rooftop Bees

One of the most rewarding parts of getting involved in collaborative video making is the breadth of new experiences that opens up to you.

There are not many jobs or hobbies that can equal the opportunity to follow a subject up to the iconic rooftops of Melbourne to gain an up close appreciation for the oft misunderstood honey bee. I got that opportunity with this shoot on Melbourne City Rooftop Honey (otherwise known as Rooftop Bees).

While the end product is an incredibly condensed view of the experience, the real motivation and enjoyment for me is bound up in everything that happens around and behind the camera.

We spend a considerable amount of time with each subject to produce the above 2 minutes 38 seconds. Our hope is that during that time, we (being the team behind the video) are able to capture and present a sincere portrait of the subject.

As this team learns and takes on new projects, we hope to continually lift our game so that people can better experience what we see each time we lift the camera.

Hope you enjoy. As always, feedback welcome.

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