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library time

I had left it a week but today I felt compelled to go visit the State Library of Victoria – often described as a quiet haven within the bustling CBD.

In contrast to the chaotic roar of the city streets, the delicate sounds of the library are a real treat. The silence seems to clarify the ordinary; the crisp sound of a page turning, the creak of the antiquated chairs accepting new readers, the knock of footsteps on the stairs, a muffled cough, sniffle or thought murmur. Against the light fuzz of the city golden echoes shuffle through from adjoining corridors, you catch the thin squeak of doors opening and closing down the halls, the scrape of a book on the leathered tables, and the subterranean rumble of passing trams.

In fact, it is easy to just enjoy the bookish ambience and forget what you are there to do; whether that’s to work, study or just chill out. The place just smells productive, each of the many thousands of books giving off its soft woody odour as they are opened and closed, shelved and re-shelved.

Eventually, I did actually get down to some writing, and two hours later had a complete first draft finished. A rare thing for me. I think I will have to come back here.